The Benefits of Taking Fossilized Stony Coral Minerals

Assuming you are not one of those individuals still deciding whether or not to supplement your diet with minerals, the real question is what minerals are the best to supplement with and in what form.

Most of us have heard about the major minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and so on.  However, there are dozens of other minerals known as trace minerals and even more unknown use minerals.  These minerals all have one thing in common; they are synergistically and antagonistically related.  Simply, they have a profound influence over each other.  An example would be calcium.  If you just take a calcium supplement, regardless of the form; carbonate, citrate, lactate, gluconate or phosphate, you risk creating a calcium overload or imbalance.  This will eventually drive zinc down and out of the body.  This not only compromises your immune system, but will cause copper to rise.  Although copper is a very important mineral/metal, if it rises above acceptable limits, it becomes toxic.  Depression, mood swings, irritability and mental confusion can all be consequences of a copper overload or imbalance.  Because women are told by their uniformed doctors to take isolated calcium to either prevent or treat osteoporosis, we now have thousands of unsuspecting women seeking additional treatment for the above symptoms.  As indicated, these symptoms may very well be caused by taking isolated calcium.

The key in effective nutritional supplementation is consuming concentrated whole food nutrition.  In order not to cause an imbalance, whether by deficiency or overload, all known and unknown minerals must be taken simultaneously.  They must be organic, bio-available, bio-efficient and ionic.  In other words, your body must be able to absorb and utilize them.  After over 32 years of research and clinical application, I can unequivocally state, fossilized stony coral minerals from above the sea, are absolutely the best whole food, organic, bio-available, bio-efficient and ionic mineral complex I have ever seen.  I am not talking about marine coral harvested from our current polluted ocean’s, I am talking about fossilized stony coral which has been out of the ocean for thousands if not millions of years and is virtually void of all ocean contamination.

Stony corals are sea animals, which includes the hydroids, jellyfish and sea anemones. By secreting a highly mineralized organic limestone, the stony corals build a housing of protective cups into which the soft polyp animals can retreat when disturbed.  The organic limestone housing is processed by the stony coral from all the metallic and organic minerals available in the ocean.  However, because our oceans are currently contaminated with toxic chemicals and metals, only above the sea fossilized stony coral is safe to consume.

There is one draw back.  Unless you spend at least one hour or more in the direct sunlight with 75% of your body exposed, you will not produce enough vitamin D to open the receptor sites in the intestines to then fully absorb your minerals, including calcium.  So what’s the answer?

Always look for an above the sea fossilized stony coral product with vitamin D added for complete absorption.  If it includes a little Betaine HCL for better digestion, all the better.

-James Chappell,D.C., N.D., Ph.D., M.H.

Dr. James Chappell is a chiropractic and naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist.  Since 1971 he has been a health researcher and educator specializing in helping people with chronic, severe and terminal illnesses.  In addition to helping over 10,000 people to date, he spent ten years as one of the lot doctors at Universal, MGM, Paramount and Burbank studios in Hollywood,California, seeing actors, producers and directors.  Dr. Chappell is also a lecturer, internationally recognized medical consultant and a leading authority on natural healing.


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